Flute Trials

Flute Trial Policy

With a flute trial, you’ll be able to compare side by side your favorite flute brands before you buy.  We ensure that our flutes will be in excellent playing condition. However, there are certain requirements  and procedures that have to be met before an instrument can be sent.

Please make every effort to keep the instrument (s) clean and  scratch-free. Remove all rings (except wedding rings) and all jewelry. Please only clean the flutes  with the rag provided and swab the inside with your own flute swab  after playing each time. Do not use the new polishing cloths and swabs  in with the flutes until you purchase the instrument. Please enjoy your  trial!

  • We provide flute trials for 7 days for USA only.
  • Maximum of 3 flutes
  • Trials must be requested via phone, or email.
  • Customer is responsible for the payment of the shipping upfront until purchase.
  • A valid credit card is required.
  • Valid shipping address required (No P.O. Boxes).
  • A signature is required for all packages.
  • Trial starts on the day of delivery of package.
  • Customer is responsible of contacting Pro Flutes by email or phone by the 7th day of the trial with the final decision.
  • All flutes are insured by Pro Flutes while on trial.  
  • Flutes must be returned in the same condition as it was shipped with all additional items in the shipping box (including the polishing cloth, swabs, plugs, etc.)
  • Pro Flutes ensures that every flute that leaves for a flute trial is in excellent condition passing through our Flute Trial Inspection Checklist before packaging.
  • Special order merchandise is non-returnable.
  • All purchases are final after 3 days but are not accepted without per-authorization by Pro Flutes.
  • Damage in shipment is very rare but can happen. If there is damage to the package upon arrival please contact us IMMEDIATELY at 970-242-9364 or 970-773-6656.
  • We offer the manufacturer’s warranty on every new instrument we sell. In addition, Pro Flutes provides a warranty for the pads, and adjustments for six months to one year except for damage due to misuse, abuse or malicious damage and that decision will be made by Pro Flutes. Please note that the Manufacturer’s warranty that offered by Pro Flutes may be voided on an instrument modified, adjusted, or repaired without authorization from Pro Flutes.
  • We strive to give our customers the lowest price possible with the highest level of customer service and support possible.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please, never let anyone play these instruments unless they are currently interested in buying them. Let’s keep these instruments in New condition.

If you have smaller siblings in the home please keep these flutes put in a place they cannot hurt them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping Cost

  • Shipping cost paid upfront before trial.
  • FREE shipping upon purchase.

Shipping Policy

  • We ship in the USA only.
  • Signature required on all packages.

How do I handle the flutes during the flute trial?

  • Flutes must be handled with extreme care and PLEASE place a soft cloth on your table to lay them on.
  • Flutes should only be played in the location shipped to, and  in-front of your teachers, or at your teacher’s studio. They should not  be played in public, or in concerts.
  • After playing it, make sure to wipe down the flute with the polishing cloth provided and clean inside with your own swab. When wiping fingerprints off flutes, only wipe vertically, up and down the flute, not around the barrel.