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Miyazawa Flute - Cresta

Miyazawa Flute - Cresta

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Miyazawa Handmade Custom Flute "Cresta" Model New
  • Britannia (.958) silver hand-cut headjoint with (.990) pure silver riser
  • Brittania (.958) silver body with sterling silver mechanism
  • Full Brögger mechanism
  • Soldered acoustically-tapered tone holes
  • "Cresta" Modified scale
  • French (open hole) model
  • Pointed key arms
  • Gold springs
  • Straubinger pads
  • .016" standard wall tubing
  • A=442
  • Offset G
  • Split E mechanism
  • C# trill key
  • C# and D# rollers
  • B footjoint

958-A - Solid Silver Tone Holes, Silver Riser, Silver Cork Plate

958-B - 14K gold tone holes, 14K gold riser, 14K gold cork plate 

9K - 9K gold head joint and body with sterling silver keys, open hole, pointed arms, soldered toneholes, Straubinger pads, B footjoint, Brogger mechanism

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